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Story Books Recommendations




Children particularly enjoy these comics because they are very interesting. The content and scenes are based on the lives of primary school students in Singapore, which resonates well with them.


The stories contain a large number of high-frequency Chinese characters, and the images provide contextual clues, allowing them to follow the story on their own.


At the end of each story, there is a helpful section with a slightly more complex vocabulary list, including Chinese Pinyin and English translations.



The language has been rigorously assessed by the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language Teaching and Research, and it is a high-quality Chinese picture book tailored specifically for Singaporean primary school students.


The content is rich and interesting, with colorful illustrations, making it enjoyable and educational for young readers. Key words are annotated with Chinese Pinyin and English translations.




This set of books observes worldly affairs, expresses emotions, experiences life, seeks values, and reflects on childhood in the form of diary entries, shaping readers' perspectives on life, worldview, and values.


Author Yang Hongying, with a profound sense of humanistic care, observes the living reality of Chinese children, caring for their spiritual growth.

More book lists coming soon...

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