Preschool Course

Kids are curious, active, capable learners.

Pre-school years is the key period of cultivating children interest in learning Mandarin.Kids are seeds, their family is soil and sunlight, the school is water, we are the fertilizer. We hope to help kids to produce more beautiful flowers and fruits.

Our goals:

  •  Listen to understanding

  •  Speak to convey meaning

  •  Recognize foundation words and read with assistance

  •  Show understanding of story/ rhythm

  •  Express themselves through simple writing

  •  Handle Pinyin, Write with right strokes


Our ways:

  • Storytelling

  • Role-play

  • Children’s song and nursery rhythm

  • Arts-crafts

  • Chinese painting and Calligraphy

  • Chinese poem

  • More fun activities according to related topic

* Every course includes 16 sessions

* The prices shown do not include the transportation fee.