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Elementary School Course

Learning is Fun

IYU provides the elementary Chinese course based on the global framework to stimulate students' interests and motivation to create an open and dynamic Chinese class. The curriculum is for children aged 7 - 12 international school students. We hope that children at this age can lay a good foundation for the future and cultivate students to become lifelong learners of Chinese.

Private Lesson
Group Lesson
Foundation 1hr
$45 /pax
Foundation 1.5hrs
$55 /pax
Intermediate 1hr
$45 /pax
Intermediate 1.5hrs
$55 /pax
Advanced 1.5hrs
$60 /pax

*Maximum group class size is 6 children. 

​*The curriculum for private and group lessons are customized.

* Every term includes 16 lessons.

​* The prices shown do not include the transportation fee.

*16 lessons should be finished within 6 months.

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